R&R Foundation and Charitable Trust

R&R Foundation and Charitable Trust has evolved in the years with more than 2700 members, nearly 50,000 staff attorneys, hundreds of volunteers, and 89 offices throughout the nation, the R&R Foundation and Charitable Trust of today continues to support poor people, support less women, physically challenged persons, and transgender in the rural areas in the field of education, health and wedding scenarios. Apart from people’s welfare, we cover the wellness of the environment, rural development of villages, guiding and supporting economically for women who are not getting support from other persons and helping hands for small scale business concerns.

We work holistically, as intensively as necessary and for as long as people need care. Those who come to us in crisis find stability; we help people invest in themselves, develop their internal capacities and strengthen their relationships.

R&R Foundation and Charitable Trust is tied up with ‘N’ number of charities and NRI customers to serve in a better way. We also financially help existing charitable trusts which are struggling for funds to run their community.

We strive to help other charities/NGO by providing funds from UK Clients and helping them to drive an unstoppable service among the public. We do not support or oppose candidates or political parties.

We currently cover some of the leading cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Daga in India. We also serve in Shan Alan, Singapore and Jurong West & Malaysia.

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